Behaviour management – is it us or them?

Behaviour Mgt

I had a really fascinating and positively energetic meeting this week with a pioneering school leader. We discussed the benefits of coaching, adopting a coaching style with students and behaviour management.

This conversation reinforced for me how we are all responsible for our own behaviour. And just because we may be in a managerial, parenting or some other leadership role doesn’t excuse us from that responsibility. There’s a certain omnipotence isn’t there to an ‘I’m alright jack’ attitude – it’s all the other person’s responsibility. What’s that old saying? ‘Do as I say, not as I do’.

How often do we complain about someone else’s behaviour when we are actually doing the same ourselves? It takes one person doesn’t it to notice what’s happening and be willing to take a different path. That sure takes courage AND a willingness to be vulnerable. How would the organisational culture be if ALL were willing to take responsibility for their own part in an interaction? And what if they were willing to acknowledge their humanity rather than stay in the position of their self righteousness?

I’d love more people – especially young people – to see that behaviour can be changed, acknowledged and there’s another way of being. A more authentic, connected human being.

Thoughts or feedback? Do comment and let me know… …#humanleadership

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