My Purpose

Is to transform the face of leadership to one where leaders and their teams are FOR each other, open to learning and willing to show their humanity. I want leaders to role model  empowerment and inspired their teams.
Who Am I

I empower leaders to transform their business results through changing their attitude and behaviour.

I am a highly incisive executive coach and trainer, having brought together many years of corporate, public and third sector experience with my expertise as a skilled facilitator.

I am passionate! Particularly about transforming individuals and their business culture through role modelling authentic leadership and sharp, powerful self awareness.

I work with a range of executives and business owners – specialising in the legal, finance and property sectors. I generally work with executives, partners and emerging leaders who want to achieve one or more of the following:

• Develop their engagement and relationship building skills with clients, staff, peers
• Grow and/or change their leadership behaviour to improve performance
• Develop their confidence and/or transition from a technically led role to a leadership role
• High achievers who want to significantly reduce stress and improve peace of mind
• Step-up their leadership skills to be more at ease with overcome challenging clients, staff, peers

I truly believe there is no better way to create an empowered environment (and reduce barriers) than to role model this through leadership practise and behaviour. This is where individuals and organisations can become high performing, innovative and responsive.

In addition to my work here, I volunteer on a regular basis as a Community Youth Panellist in both Essex and Hertfordshire and I am trained in restorative justice practice and techniques.

I live in Ware, Hertfordshire and spend much loved time with my family, practicing yoga and learning Spanish!
Ethics and Approach

I have the following values and principles which guide my approach, coaching practice and practise:

•I will always honour confidentially with clients, partners or anyone else (within the law)
•I will always make time to agree the context and tailor coaching to client needs
•I will always look for mutual benefit in everything that I do
•I will always listen, be honest and encourage feedback
•I will always support others in achieving their dreams, goals and aspirations

•I will always keep my word and be honest, if for any reason, I can’t
•I will always be open about any changes to my programmes, fees or context
•I will always practice my own self mastery to ensure I am at my best for my clients
•I will not compromise the quality of my coaching or other services for commercial gain

Honesty and Openness
•I will authentically show my skill, empathy, care and enthusiasm in everything that I do
•I will always strive to inspire others through my can do approach, attitude and ability
•I will always be honest and open with all my clients, even if this is personally challenging
•I will always be honest and open about my organisation, its intentions and purpose

•I will always strive to be non-judgemental and show my humanity
•I will always be honest and open about any beliefs I hold about myself, others or life itself
•I will always be honest and open about any conflicts of interest, beliefs or boundaries

If you have any questions or feedback…as always please contact me on 07817 246930 or email me:

You can view my LinkedIn profile  In-2CRev-89px-TM  to see my experience and skills in more detail, including client recommendations.